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SEO and Meta Tags

By: Prashant K Shukla

Every search engine uses it’s own, very specific algorithm to index the websites. All major search engines keep updating their search algorithms quite frequently to give their searchers the best searching experience. Your website’s place in the search result pages depends on it’s calculation from the algorithm it follows. These algorithms are not changing everyday but are evolving into more intelligent and accurate. Yet, the major focus is on the Meta tags of the site.

These Meta tags are not visible when someone browses your web page but the search engines read these Meta tags alone and decide the place of a web page on its search result pages. It does so by finding the relevance of the Meta tags within them and with its contents. The most important Meta tags are the title, description and keywords. The first thing a search engine looks for is to find a relevance in these meta tags by looking at the keywords used in them and secondly it looks the relevance of the keywords used in these meta tags with the contents of the page.

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Role of Meta Title Tag in SEO

By: Prashant K Shukla, SEO Consultant

Do you want to secure a top ranking in search engine result pages(SERP)?

I think every one is going to answer – Yes. And a very common belief is that add lot of most searched keywords in the meta tags of your web pages and see your site skyrocketing. But it feels highly frustrating when this magic proves of no avail. Remember, meta tags alone don’t do a magic in getting better placed in the search pages. These meta tags sure help you to describe your web pages to a search engine and gain a better place in its results. But at the same time they help search engine too to prevent indexing of improper web pages. Which may have good weight keywords in their meta tags but having no relationship with the contents of the page.

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Have You Been In The Google Sandbox?

Who haven’t been in the Google Sandbox? As new website owners, we all experience the Google Sandbox dilemma. I can relate to the pain of webmasters and website owners who are currently experiencing being on the Google Sandbox. And I bring good news: there is a guaranteed way to come out of the Google Sandbox! But first, it is important that you know what is meant by Google Sandbox.

The Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox is such a popular term among webmasters, web marketing specialists and new website owners. Google Sandbox refers to the period when a new website appears invisible on the Google search results even after a month or two of search engine optimization. The most probable reason why new websites are placed in the Google Sandbox is that Google doesn’t see yet the importance of these websites.

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Tech Support Tip

When you have to contact your hosting tech support always try to stick to one topic. Even if there are a few different issues only address one item per support request and try to keep it short. If you do address more than one item you will only get an answer to the easiest issue you presented to them.

Todays tech support isn’t what it used to be. Years ago you actually had your request looked at by someone who was knowledgeable about the internet, computers, servers, operating systems and the like. Today it is someone with minimal knowldge who is trained to scan through your request quickly, pick up a few key words and type them into the companies answer database (knowledgebase).  You could do the same thing yourself on Google. So keep it simple and short, the more words you use the more of a chance your point will get lost in the message. They are trained to give quick turn-arounds not detailed or accurate ones.

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RSS Feed Syndication

Putting RSS Feeds into your site can increase your exposure dramatically. There are many news services now that constantly scan the internet for these files to gather interesting articles and other information. Technorati and Digg are 2 good examples of these services.

This new (well, not so new) format allows people to bookmark your articles and/or information in a more organized and easy to read way. You can get stand-alone readers, browser integrated readers or now you can add these “feeds” to your own favorite online reader service and Homepages like Google, Yahoo and MSN. There are 2 basic types of feeds- RSS and Atom, but which ever you choose to use make sure you follow the technical guidelines to get the most out of it. Always use valid markup for these files just like you would for a regular html or php page. The W3C offers a validator for RSS Feeds.

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